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Upstairs, we have a picturesque private space overlooking the water where the wax treatments take place. Waxing is the removal of excess body- and facial hair by means of a sticky substance. The hair (including its roots) is completely removed with wax. Waxing is a temporary hair removal method. After treatment, it will take an average of 3-8 weeks for hair to grow back. And the hairs that do grow back are soft so that, unlike shaving, you never experience any hard stubble after waxing. 


  • Suitable for hairs from 1mm long

  • Virtually painless and extremely gentle on the skin

  • Applied at low temperatures

  • No more stubble... by waxing regularly, (between 3 and 6 weeks) the hairs become thin and soft, and may even not grow back at all in some spots

  • No skin irritations or redness

  • Enriched with essential oils


The body part is taken into account when deciding which wax is used. Hence, getting the best result with the least inconvenience.


Safety and hygiene are central to us in the salon. This means we always:

  • Provide the treatment table with clean towels and disposable paper

  • Always disinfect and care for the skin with the best products

  • Use gloves

  • Use disposable spatulas



My name is Rosa Hendriks and I’ll be working in the salon for all your manicure and wax treatments. I have 15 years of experience in the beauty industry and am excited to continue my work at The Set. With my expertise I focus on precise, extensive manicures with BIAB treatment, and of course, carrying this out with the brand The Gelbottle. With this signature treatment you are guaranteed with beautiful, well-groomed but above all, healthy nails! Additionally, you can also make an appointment with me for body hair removal. For me, hygiene comes first which is why I use the NO DUBBLE DIPPING system. With all treatments I provide, I listen to your wishes as the customer and strive for personal attention. Service and quality are critical to me. 


Hopefully see you soon!


Rosa Hendriks


As a new customer there may be a few things you’d like to know when making your appointment.
At our New Customer page you can find further information pre your appointment. 


Book your appointment today and experience the difference of The Set's waxing services! Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to smooth, flawless skin that will make you feel confident and beautiful.

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