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We're thrilled that you have chosen to book a treatment with us, and we can't wait to meet you. We understand that visiting a new salon can be a bit nerve-wracking, but rest assured that our team of skilled stylists will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your visit.

We pride ourselves on being a 5-star salon, and we go above and beyond to ensure the best experience for our clients. From the moment you step through our doors, you'll be welcomed with delicious coffee from Joki. Our salon is designed to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment.


Our goal is to perform treatments to perfection for optimal results. This naturally comes with some patience and time. We cannot promise to be finished exactly within the scheduled time, but we can promise to deliver high-quality work. Private appointments scheduled shortly after our beauty treatments may not be accommodated as we strive for perfection and the application of treatment products can vary in time. The stylists will therefore take the time they need.


Our salon does not have a phone and we encourage online booking as much as possible. We have chosen this system so that we do not have to constantly interrupt our treatments to answer the phone and can focus on our customers and creations! If there are any questions, you can always send an email to


The salon is located by the water on Cruquius Island, Cruquiusweg 89F. Google will direct you to the back of the building at the red doors, but we are located at the front of the building at the waterfront. So if you are standing in front of the red doors, you will need to walk around the building to find us by the water.

On the left side of the building there usually are some parking spots and across the road there are a few parking areas. All the residential buildings in the neighborhood have some parking spaces for visitors.


We always provide advice in the form of a consultation before any treatment, where the hairstyle, color, and price will be discussed. We will also develop a plan for the coming year in terms of color treatments and home care. Our hairdressers will cut both wet and dry hair, and the hair will always be washed, sometimes at the beginning and sometimes at the end of the treatment. Our color specialists always create a custom color and note it in our system, so we always know what we have done. If there is still time after the treatment, we can finish it off with a photoshoot for our Instagram.

In order to prepare our day well, we would appreciate it if you could send us an email beforehand with:

  • A few photos and inspirational images 

  • Photos of the desired hair color and style 

  • Photos of your current hair taken in natural light 

  • Some information about your hair color history



To ensure the best consultation, the curly hair stylist would appreciate it if you come in with your hair styled as you normally wear it. This way, she can best determine which cutting techniques and how she will cut it based on how your hair falls dry.


Our nail stylists do not work with tips or extensions, so we do not extend nails. If an old set needs to be removed from another salon without a new set being reapplied, we will charge an additional fee for this. We offer a 5-day guarantee on the nails in case any chips occur.


Our cosmetic doctor always schedules a consultation before any initial treatments. You can read more about it on his webpage. It would be greatly appreciated if his forms can be filled out and sent in advance.

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