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At The Set, my work as a hairdresser is about more than just hair. That feeling my clients leave with goes beyond just a beautiful haircut or color. They leave feeling more beautiful, confident, and empowered than when they walked in. I am blessed to be able to contribute to that experience. It's the small, specific actions that make a big difference.


During our consultation, we'll first discuss your wishes and I'll give my professional advice. I take the time to truly understand your wants and needs, and to make sure you feel seen and heard. I also determine if we'll be cutting your hair dry or wet based on your hair type and the techniques I'll be using.



After the consultation, I'll wash your hair, creating a relaxing moment with a "no talking" policy so you can fully enjoy the experience. During the cut, I'll execute what we discussed during the consultation. If I decide to cut your hair dry, we will first cut, then wash and dry it.


Drying your curls with a diffuser is crucial for 90% of women with curls. Some curl structures look better when air-dried, others when half-dried, and others when FULLY dried. Before I begin, I'll take the time to explain the process, the products I'll be using, and what to do at home to maintain your curls for the best results.

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The surprise moment comes after I'm done drying your hair. I love this part of the treatment. I'll either ask you to close your eyes while I shake your curls back into shape, or you'll be lying down in the chair and won't be able to see your curls as they take shape. Then, you'll open your eyes to see the curly result.


Before you leave, I'll do a final check of your hair, making sure the shape is perfect and that everything blends well. If there are any stragglers or different hair textures, I'll do some final cutting on dry hair. If you have different hair textures, I'll make sure to take that into account during the consultation and cut.


When my client leaves with a big smile, head held high, new energy - I'm happy. As part of The Set team, I am proud to offer personalized services for all your hair needs. And don't forget, as a team member of The Set we work together with independent hairdressers to offer a wide range of services with the latest techniques and trends. Haircut for curls: €120,-

Further info can be found on: (note: in Dutch)

Make an appointment through our system or contact us by email. We hope to welcome you soon in our salon at the Cruquiusweg in Amsterdam East.

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