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A dedicated barber with a passion for men's hair and beards. Bram has spent the last 5 years perfecting his craft and he is ready for you!

Brams specialty is grooming and styling, he is all about providing 'the gentleman treatment' with a glass of whiskey and a perfect cut.

Looking for a haircut or razor-sharp edges, you are in the right place. Explore this webpage and book your treatment online. Wondering about the price? please check the price list or check our online booking system.


Includes a classic Barber haircut, face shave, and a steam treatment. It's designed to provide not just a grooming experience but also a relaxing one. So, you can sit back, unwind, and leave the salon looking and feeling your best. You also have the option to enjoy a glass of whiskey.



Beside a traditional barber experience our Barber is also experienced in the 'normal' haircut for men. If you are looking for the barber experience check out the Barber haircut.


The classic Barber haircut comes with the traditional warm towel treatment for relaxation. It's a combination of timeless grooming and soothing comfort.



Barbar Bram believe in providing his clients with the ultimate grooming experience. That's why we're proud to offer a traditional shaving service that includes the use of steam.


Wondering why steaming when you shave is better for your skin? Softens the Hair, Reduces Irritation, Deep Cleansing, Relaxation and Stress Relief, Promotes Healthy Skin: Regular steaming can improve blood circulation, which in turn promotes healthier, more radiant skin. It's a simple yet effective way to keep your skin looking its best.

At the Set Salon, we understand the importance of a proper shave, and that's why we incorporate steaming into our traditional shaving process. Our skilled barber will ensure you leave our shop feeling and looking your best. Experience the benefits of steaming for yourself, and book your appointment today!


When my client leaves with a big smile, head held high, new energy - I'm happy. As part of The Set team, I am proud to offer personalized services for all your hair needs. And don't forget, as a team member of The Set we work together with independent hairdressers to offer a wide range of services with the latest techniques and trends.

Make an appointment through our system or contact us by email. We hope to welcome you soon in our salon at the Cruquiusweg in Amsterdam East.

Are you looking for skin products that are perfect for men?

We don't only have shaving products but also day cremes to stimulate a hydrated skin, prevents ingrown hairs

and make you feel refreshed again.

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