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BIAB or "build-in-a-bottle", is a flexible enhancement for your natural nails. Unlike traditional gel polish, BIAB will not chip and follows the natural movement of your nails without causing cracks. At our salon, we have a wide selection of natural colors to choose from and there’s no need to worry about applying a gel polish over it. BIAB lasts long and grows out naturally.

For those who want to add more durability to their gel polish layer, we also offer BIAB overlays. This involves selecting a gel polish color and applying two layers of BIAB for added strength and durability. However, please note that regular BIAB does not come in bright colors and this is an option for those who want a pop of color on their nails whilst experiencing the benefits of BIAB.

BIAB-nails will last 3 to 4 weeks and you can repeat the treatment as many times as you want. If you're coming in for a repeat treatment, you'll receive an extensive manicure to get your nails looking beautiful and healthy before applying the BIAB again.

BIAB is suitable for anyone who loves well-groomed nails, but it's especially great for those with thinner nails where traditional gel polish may chip and peel easily. Unfortunately, we do not offer extensions, fake nails or tips at our salon but we can refill using the BIAB treatment.

Removing a BIAB or gel polish set from another salon without placing a new set will be at a different price point than removing and replacing a new set.


The Russian Manicure is a luxurious and detailed treatment that will leave your nails looking their best. Our skilled technicians use an electric file to gently buff and polish away any dry or broken skin around the nails, creating a clean, polished look. This method allows for polish to be applied closer to the cuticle, resulting in a longer-lasting, beautiful finish. Not only it helps to have a clean look but also it helps to stimulate blood circulation and promote healthy nails. This treatment is perfect for those looking to pamper themselves, or for special occasions such as weddings, proms, and other special events. Book your appointment today and enjoy the benefits of a proper Russian Manicure.


If you have the urge to do something exciting with your girlfriends (like a bachelorette party, birthday or wedding), we also organize what we call “nail parties”. Picture a morning, afternoon or evening where you can enjoy a meet-up with your friends and have your nails done, whilst we provide you with snacks and drinks. For more information, please email

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Wenkbrauw wax


In the salon, we provide the following eyebrow treatments:

  • brow shaping 

  • brow tinting 

  • brow shaping 

  • brow lifting


Brow lifting

Brow lamination is a process of “perming” the eyebrow hairs to provide a fuller, more even look. The brow hairs become longer and more manageable. If you struggle with eyebrows that look down or uneven this treatment is definitely for you. 


The treatment takes about 45 minutes. An intake, application of perm for 15 minutes, application of neutralising product for another 15 minutes. Brows can be shaped and tinted afterwards.


Shaping is done with the use of wax and tweezers. 


After the treatment it is recommended not to make eyebrows wet for the next 24 hours as well as not to sleep on your face the following night. 


Hey, I’m Tanya and I am a manicure and brow specialist. I work with high-quality, clean and cruelty free products that are long-lasting. Natural-looking results are always guaranteed.

Hope to meet you soon!

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As a new customer there may be a few things you’d like to know when making your appointment.
At our New Customer page you can find further information pre your appointment. 


Make an appointment through our system or contact us by email. We hope to welcome you soon in our salon at the Cruquiusweg in Amsterdam East.

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