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Our hairdressers work with natural vegan products and work with the brand Original mineral, Authentic beauty Concepts & Redken. We prefer to work with these brands because they are not only sustainable, but also produce beautiful hair colors. Our bleaching products are free of ammonia, so that the condition of the hair remains intact. Our color technicians prefer to work with the lowest possible hydrogen (Developer).The process therefore takes a little longer, but this way you maintain the quality of your hair.


We cut both wet and dry hair because we know all the stories about stylists cutting off more than intended! Sometimes we start with dry cutting, and sometimes we need to cut the hair wet first. The advantage of dry cutting is that we can determine the base in dry hair and then work out everything else. This prevents us from cutting off more than necessary. Additionally, by cutting dry we’re able to see clearly how the hair actually falls, whereas in wet hair you cannot determine how the hair falls naturally.



It is not uncommon for people to have trouble booking their correct color treatment. We have therefore tried to make it as simple as possible.

Basic color including foils is 1 color with a maximum of 15 extra foils. Everything related to highlights, lowlights, or balayage is under the following.

  • ¼ Face Framing is a number of foils at the front and a few on top, this will be a maximum of 20 foils.

  • ½ highlights or balayage means half a head of highlights or refreshing an old balayage set that was placed by us.

  • Full head highlights or balayage is a full head of foils from bottom to top or a full head of balayage. Prices on the website are minimum prices and may vary. However, we will always discuss the final costs beforehand with you.


Color corrections will have to be evaluated on the spot so that we can come up with the right plan together. When you have successfully made an appointment online, we ask the following of you:


To prepare our day correctly, we would greatly appreciate it if you could send us an email beforehand with the following information:

  • Photos of your desired hair

  • Photos of your current hair

  • Information about your hair coloring history


If you need to cancel an appointment, you can do so via the confirmation email. Please check our
terms and conditions page for more information.


At The Salon we also have a talented curl technician that can be booked specifically to treat your curls. She will firstly walk you through an extensive consultation to discuss your needs, whereafter the treatment will follow. So when booking your treatment online, please make sure to specifically book our curl technician.

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I started as a young kid in my mother’s salon. From there on, I traveled around the world with my mom’s make-up bag and hair tools. Throughout the years I have had the privilege to work for major brands such as M.A.C. and Dior, and various magazines and photographers. That’s where I got to see the expressiveness of the fashion industry.


Now, I cannot believe that now I’ve created an incredible salon. With The Set I want to bring everything together into one communal place, where creativity and quality unite.

Wanna know more about Niki?



My name is Fleur Altman-Thijssing and I’ve known Niki for almost 20 years as we attended our first hairdresser’s course together. Besides our shared love for hair, we both have an extreme passion for make-up. This is why I work as a hairdresser as well as a make-up artist. When Niki told me about 4 years ago that she wanted to start her own salon - a premium salon - we already agreed then and there that I would join her as a self-employed hairdresser once the space opened up. And although opening up her own salon took a bit longer than expected… How excited I am now that we can start this new adventure together! 


See you soon at The Set.



When my client leaves with a big smile, head held high, new energy - I'm happy. As part of The Set team, I am proud to offer personalized services for all your hair needs. And don't forget, as a team member of The Set we work together with independent hairdressers to offer a wide range of services with the latest techniques and trends.



Hi, I'm Francesca Carrara, an experienced hairstylist and master colorist thrilled to

be part of this salon.

Specializing in balayage, highlights, and customized haircuts, I bring a wealth of experience to elevate the salon's services. My presence aims to enhance the collective knowledge of colorists, elevate service quality, and contribute to the salon's reputation expansion.

I look forward to making every client's visit exceptional and being part of the salon's success!

Hope to see you soon!



As a stylist, I am passionate about optimizing hair and promoting the inner well-being of my clients. With 22 years of experience as a salon owner and a specialization in tape extensions, I provide high-quality services with attention to detail.


My motto is "From the inside out, from the outside in," as I believe in the connection between outer beauty and inner balance.My passion lies in tape extensions, allowing me to thicken and lengthen hair.

With my experience and dedication, I strive to make a positive impact on my clients' lives.

Hope to see you soon



Ken is a dedicated hairdresser and color technician and is not scared to play with color and trends.

He owns his own salon in Utrecht but is one time a month in The Set salon to help his customers in Amsterdam.


He is a true color artist and this led him to a career as educator and ambassador for the brand Original Mineral.


He is always fully booked so be fast and check out his agenda! 

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