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Tea Flowers

Tea Flowers

Productcode: 300
€ 7,50Prijs

Introducing our delightful Tea Flowers! 

Imagine this: a charming teapot, filled with clear water, and the magic begins! Our Tea Flowers are here to transform your tea time into a delightful and enchanting experience.


In each package, you'll find 6 lovely tea flowers, each bursting with 3 different flavors that are sure to delight your taste buds! 


Simply dip one of these adorable tea flowers into your teapot, and watch as it gracefully unfolds, releasing its natural flavors and mesmerizing aromas. It's like a little tea ceremony right in your home!  Whether you're sipping tea alone, catching up with friends, or hosting a special gathering, our Tea Flowers will elevate your tea moment to a whole new level of cozy and delightful.


Treat yourself to this delightful experience or surprise your loved ones with the perfect gift of tea magic! Get ready to create wonderful memories with our Tea Flowers. Cheers to a beautiful tea time! 

  • Flavors

    • Falling Leaves
    • Double Dragon
    • Love at first sight
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