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GHD Soft curl tong 26mm

GHD Soft curl tong 26mm

€ 209,00Prijs

Professional curling iron with a medium diameter of 26 mm for a long-lasting classic style and volume!

This elegantly designed curling iron is suitable for all hair types and lengths! The tri-zone® technology efficiently distributes heat throughout your hair. The end result is beautiful, shiny curls created effortlessly. The GHD Curve® Classic Curl Tong produces curls that are absolutely long-lasting.

The GHD Curve® Classic Curl Tong features a 26 mm medium-length barrel with a spring-loaded ergonomic handle to create perfect curls. The protective cool tip provides a safe place to hold the hair in place while curling. With the built-in safety stand, you can securely place the GHD Curve® Classic Curl Tong during styling.

The ceramic barrel is durable and protects the hair from heat. Additionally, the ceramic material ensures a smooth and shiny result.

Other convenient features include a rotating professional-length cord that allows easy movement around your head. The GHD Curve® Classic Curl Tong undoubtedly delivers a professional end result.

  • Key features

    • Automatic Sleep Mode after 30 Minutes: Automatically switches to sleep mode after 30 minutes of inactivity, ensuring safety and energy conservation.
    • 25 Seconds Heating Time: Rapid heating in just 25 seconds, allowing for quick and efficient styling.

    • Demonstrated Gentler on Your Hair Color: Proven to be milder on your hair color, preserving its vibrancy for a longer period.

    • Optimal Styling Temperature of 185°C: Maintains an optimal styling temperature of 185 degrees Celsius, contributing to effective styling while minimizing heat damage.

    • TIP: For an extra natural effect, you can comb through the hair after curling it.

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